Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is going to be a doozy!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just wanted to pop in to say hello and start the year off right by working on my blog. This year is going to be crazy / fantastic / ridiculous / amazing / quick / tiring / beautiful / busy / changing..... good. There is so much happening within the next 365 days that it's going to be hard to keep my head on straight! The big one is that I'm getting married to this amazing guy :)
I was reading CassieMarie's blog and she was talking about how long her and her husband have been together. Now I know that we haven't been together for a DECADE (!) but it has been well over 5 years already. I feel like I'm learning something new from him everyday, which is important. He's been the only man who can keep me interested and on my toes. You know you've met the one when you can really hate him one minute and love him for it the next :)

One of my best friends, Cait, is also getting married this year. We are both maid/matron of honor in each other's weddings. It will be awesome to be able to share all of these crazy wedding planning months together. It's going to be a busy next 8 months!!

Ready... set... GO!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


So this coming Tuesday is my birthday and I'm stumped about what to do. I tend to get all caught up with Christmas that I forget I even have a birthday!

What to do, what to do?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tis the Season

As always, it has been a long time since I've last blogged. I just realized today that when I sell my magnets through Etsy, that I hand out my business cards with my blog site! So I better get cookin' and keep up!

So... good news... FINALLY!!! We bought a house :) Not any of the other houses that I mentioned previously, but it's a house and we love it! I will post more pictures of the house as we progress with painting and settling in.

Our house the day we moved in.

On Etsy news... the season has been good to me! They're not exactly selling like hot cakes, but they are selling much better than ever before! It's a hobby that I really enjoy too. I find myself wanting to work on these more than painting most days. Not sure if that's a good thing or not- leaning more towards the not. I have a show coming up with Paul's art teacher (from his school) this summer. It seems like a long ways off, but I know it will come up faster that I think!

And then here is the final product of my Vermeer copy. I'm pretty happy with it. I eventually had to just walk away because I can always find something that I need to change. It's enough to drive anyone crazy!
Girl with a Pearl Earring

I promise I'll be back sooner than later this time around!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

it's been awhile... again

Here we go...

1) We lost the house on Taft St. Yup, they really accepted our offer and then took it away because they're jerks. Anyways, we're over it and onto another house. Not really a 'new' house per say, but remember our FAVORITE house... the other one they took away from us... well now they're offering it back to us. We were able to resurrect our offer. So we're waiting on that one AGAIN. The final day of waiting is October 16th. We hope we hear back from them sooner because I really don't know if I can wait that long. Talk about holding out 'til the last minute to get the $8,000 credit! BAH!

2) Etsy sales have been going relatively well!! 'Well' for me is more than 3 sales a year :) I've had quite a few within the last week, so that feels pretty good! My "I carried a watermelon" magnet seems to be quite a hit!

3) Wedding plans are starting to move along. I got a wedding dress!!!!! (I won't tell you which one, but the designer is Judd Waddell... love him.) I spent way more than a pretty penny (which was not the plan) but I absolutely love it! In fact, I've been dreaming about it. I cannot wait to wear it again. We also have the design of the wedding invites and save the date magnets done. They just need to be plugged into the Adobe programs and printed. Now I've just been on the hunt for the perfect centerpieces!

So that's been my life in three bullet points.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

quite a week...

It's been awhile since I've posted and so many cool things have happened since then!  First off we had our first couch surfers.  Paul had been bugging me about letting people surf on our couch for awhile now.  I only said yes because I thought... 'who the heck would want to stop in Stoughton?!'  But only three days after we 'opened our couch' on the website, three girls asked to surf it.  I was a little nervous, but said yes.  And am I glad we did!!!  It was so awesome!!!  Couch surfing is a great way to meet new people and here about all of their crazy experiences.  These girls are biking through Madison to the Twin Cities, then taking a train to Portland, OR... hanging out, then biking down to Northern California!!  Amazing.... I look up to them for doing this and I wish them the best of luck!!

Our three couch surfers: Robin, Kim, and Alison

I've also been busy working on my etsy site.  I'm trying to up my magnet count and then get really active on the site.  Hopefully that will also up my sales!!  Great Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah gifts!!!  (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

Here are a few newbies:

Yay Dirty Dancing :)

My new favorite... 'An Elephant Never Forgets'  ..Get it? 

In more exciting news... WE GOT A HOUSE!  A PURPLE house, but a house!  The former owners really had no sense of decor, so we got the house at a pretty good price.  The neighborhood is aaaaamazing.... hence why we put an offer in on the house in the first place.  The house is pretty much a box, but hopefully with love, time, and money (lots of it all) the house will be pretty nice.  It's not a place we'll stay too long, but its a great start!

The purple front door.  Also, they painted the faux rock metallic purple, blue and silver... wow. 
Kid you not, the whole house has gems and metallic paint throughout!

The living room is the room were most excited about.  Good warm feeling with pretty hardwood floors.  Needs some greenery and a piano :)

So yay for good news all around!!  Also, had a great hike today through the Lake Kegonsa State Park in search of a Letterbox.  It's a pretty cool thing... kind of like geocaching, but not.  More of a scavenger hunt.  Check out the website and it will explain better than I can :)  

Saturday, September 5, 2009

another one bites the dust

So if you hadn't already heard... we lost that house of our dreams.  That's three down.  I don't know if the house hunting process could get much more infuriating!  But anyhow, we got back up on the horse and put an offer in on another house.  This one is not very exciting but it's in a great neighborhood.  So the plan is to flip it within 3-5 years and hopefully make a nice return on it.  I will post pictures if we actually get it... here we go again!

I will make an art post soon :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

vacation 2009

Paul and I went to Door County for our official/unofficial summer vacation.  It was kind of a last minute decision, but a good one indeed!  We had an awesome time and packed our four day weekend full of adventures.  

On Friday night we went to the Peninsula Players Theater and saw 'Is He Dead?'.  The play was written by Mark Twain and is about an artist (Jean-Francois Millet) who wants to pay off his girlfriends debts so he can marry her... only problem is he's an artist!  And as the old saying goes, the only way to make money as an artist is to be dead.  Very, very funny play and so well acted!  The theater is also amazing... it's an outdoor venue nestled in the woods and right next to the water.  

Paul and I also spent a lot of time geocaching.  If you've never heard of it- try it!!  It's pretty much a treasure hunt for adults.  You can pretty much find a geocache anywhere you go in the world!  Just in Stoughton, WI there are over 50 caches to hunt down! 

At this geocache site, Paul had to get down to his skivvies and go swimming.  The coordinates led us to a beautiful, hidden park where the path ended on a giant rock hanging over the water.  However, the GPS told us to keep walking another 30 ft to find the cache... so Paul just kept going!  But poor Paul, we never found it!

This was a goodie that we found in our first ever geocache find!

We also got to get in some quality fishing time!  However, this was the only thing that either of us caught!!  

A few other things we did:  camped at Peninsula State Park (got an awesome site with last minute reservations!), had lunch with the goats on the roof at Al Johnson's, had ice cream at the legendary Wilsons, and went raspberry picking at a huge farm just outside of Fish Creek. Unfortunately we only made it as far as Sister Bay on the peninsula, so we will just have to go back soon to see the rest!