Friday, August 7, 2009

the Etsy Everything show

Last night was my first ever Etsy trunk show.  Etsy is pretty much the ultimate online 24/7 craft show. So it was fun to meet some sellers face to face and make some good connections with the Madison area crafters.  The show was held at another Etsy seller's house here in Stoughton.  Her shop name is The Painted Daisy and she makes AMAZING skirts and purses.  I ended up spending double the amount on her skirts than I made at the show!  

Below are some examples of what I was selling at the show.  The rest you can find (for sale!) at my Etsy site TheLittleRedRibbon.

Little Hydrangea magnets ($2 each)

the Funny Farm ($4)

Hug a Tree ($4)

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